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What is "industrial hush"?

“Industrial hush” is a condition that maintains quiet surrounding the problematic status quo conduct and routines in the industry.
This creates negative effects on all of us, and those who have the power and the obligation to make change are trying to do so.
Our goal is to create this change.

industrial hush



 Who are we?

Citizens for the Environment (CFE) is an Arab-Jewish run, non profit, social and environmental organization.
Established in 1990 by residents of the Galilee, the goal of the organization is to work together to protect the environment, natural resources and public health.
Since its inception, the organization has managed to promote public awareness of environmental issues, support dozens of groups of citizens, encourage leadership among many communities, and influence both the environmental conduct of many factories and the legislation and implementation of environmental laws.
In the last decade, the organization has expanded its operations beyond the boundaries of Galilee and operates at both national and local levels.
Today, the organization has hundreds of members, volunteers and activists, both Jews and Arabs, all over the country.
Together, after many years of activity against polluting factories, members began to systematically collect information on enterprises from various industries, analyze it and publish a series of reports has become our main project called "industrial hush".


How do we operate?

To manage environmental problems, the CFE compiles research on the way in which environmental and industrial enterprises are conducting themselves and whether that conduct is in compliance with legal environmental requirements.


Does it work?

Yes, it works.
The team has been tirelessly running for over seven years to ensure that air we breathe, the food we eat, and the environment in which we live, is good and healthy for all of us.


Our achievements:

Over the years we have been able to influence and change environmental behavior of dozens of industrial plants and even government agencies. We initiated the Environmental Information Law and the Law of Polluter Pays, and even we had a public legal battle that closed a large chemical plant. 
As part of the project, we have worked with dozens of plants, mainly in the Northern District.
We have published reports in which we examined the data for air emissions and wastewater enterprises and compared this data to the data of similar factories around the world. We have alerted the authorities and administrative establishments if and when it is found that they do not follow and supervise the law by not meeting environmental standards prescribed to them. 
We went back and we followed the results, though not enough to complain, you have to make sure someone understands things. 
Today we can already say that some establishments have changed their environmental behavior, improved manufacturing processes to reduce pollution.


Where we are working now?

We are now focused in Haifa Bay.
Why Haifa? Haifa has long been the "champion" of causing air pollution and cancer.
For over ten years we have been working in the "Coalition for Public Health" with an aim to reduce environmental pollution specifically from manufacturing. As we all know, we are working against numerous and strong forces- we citizens need to gain more power as a collective.


Why does "industrial hush" need your help?

Change does not occur in one day. The process is a long one but if we combine forces in the community we will have the power to make a change. Our activities to date have been made possible through generous donations and funds that we have received from abroad. It is time to share with you all this work and connect you to us in order to double and even triple our impact.


If you value a better today and tomorrow for our community and our ability to live in a healthy environment - join us.



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