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We believe that the person is part of his environment; he has the right to live in a healthy environment, yet has the duty to protect it for the future generations. We want the people to believe that they have the power to change, to increase their engagement in local and global environmental matters, and to act to ensure sustainable and healthy common space.

About Us

Citizens For the Environment (CFE) is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1990 by a group of Galileans. CFE works with the residents to protect local natural resources and advances a public health agenda. To date, we have successfully altered public understanding on a range of environmental issues, advanced numerous citizen groups, fostered environmental leadership within many local communities, and influenced the environmental code of conduct of a significant number of factories and plants.

Our Mission

To encourage environmental activism
and leadership training

To raise awareness regarding environmental and climate issues and public health

To utilize the right for a healthy environment and to implement the polluter pays principle

To change policy in environmental and climate matters

Success and Achievements

The Citizens for the Environment Association is one of the first environmental organizations in the country.  CFE has led over the years dozens of environmental struggles, revealed data, published reports and investigations, initiated legislative changes, conducted legal activities against pollutive plants, and impacted local and national authorities’ policies.

Leading dozens of environmental struggles in Haifa and the north, including: 

* Leading an intensive environmental struggle for closing the “death factory” (Electrochemical Industries) during the years 2004 – 2005.

* Leading and taking part in the struggle against the pollutive industry in Haifa Bay.

* Leading additional environmental struggles against pollutive plants such as, MIC, Profal, and others. 

Publishing surveys and reports on environmental issues:

* We have published dozens of reports, surveys and maps on various subjects, such as: Sewage infrastructure in the Galilee and its impact on water sources, reports on radiation, occupational health of workers, and others. 


* Award of appreciation of the Gellard Cromer Foundation for leading joint activities of Jews and Arabs against illegal waste fires.

* The Knesset Chairman award for activities for improving the environment for 2017.

* The Green Globus award for 2009. 

* The Green Globus award for 2007. 

* The award of the Minister of Environment Protection for 1997. 



Jamila Hardal Wakim

General director

Juhaina Bader Namarneh

Projects manager

Deema Abo Elassal

Media coordinator

Eman Sliman


Sama Khoury


Board Members

Dr. Janet Michael

Board member

Dr. Liad Urtar

Board member

Tal Frenkel

Board member

Alegera Yaacob

Board member

Ron Hod

Board member

Dodo Manor

Board member

Dr. Diana saadi

Board member

Dov Moshe

Board member

Hoda Massalha

Board member

Salwa Wakeem

Audit committee

Dr. Maisa Totry

Audit committee

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