Community Activism

Community Activism

Our activity in this field includes encouraging environmental activism and activity of residents, at the local and national level, by establishing and training action groups, connecting activists and authorities, disseminating information and more.

“Baladi” Project

The project was launched in 2019 to actively engage and mobilize Arab local communities in addressing environmental issues and the climate crisis in their communities. The project focuses on providing community activists with the skills and knowledge to mobilize their communities and map environmental hazards, while we also support the struggle of community members and provide them with legal tools to hold the local authorities accountable.  

Introduction to Environmental Activism in Arab Society Project

We launched our new course “introduction to environmental activism in Arab society”. The course is an initial introduction to the world of sustainability, environmental activism, and the principles for leading change. Combining knowledge, practice, and peer learning, it provides tools for leading change processes to improve environmental realities, so raising community resilience and integration within the environmental movement.  

Environmental Journalism Project

The program is in collaboration with 3 civil society organizations (Citizens For the Environment, Ilam and the Society for the Protection of Nature) and aims to fill the gap in the environmental journalism field in the Arab society. The program plan to qualify Arab Palestinian journalists in the environmental and climate change arenas, while adapting them to the context of the Arab society.