Haifa bay

Our Activity in Haifa Bay

The struggle against industrial pollution in Haifa Bay has been a key part of our activities from the beginning of the 2000s until today. Haifa Bay is the most polluted metropolis in the country and hundreds of thousands of residents suffer from high morbidity due to the high levels of pollution.

“Industrial Silence” Reports

CFE has published a series of reports called “Industrial Silence” as part of the “Sustainable Industry” project, which aims to encourage sustainable industry. The seventh and the final report in the series consists of several reports that address the issue of Haifa Bay from different aspects, such as: levels of air pollution in Haifa Bay, registry of emissions to the environment, emissions of pollutants from transportation and industry etc.    

Class Action for the Compensation of Cancer Patients

CFE in collaboration with lawyers and experts, submitted on 16.07.2019, for the first time in Israel, a request for approval of a class action lawsuit (Mass Tort) against 30 industrial plants in Haifa Bay, demanding compensation for patients with lung cancer or Non- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma as a result of the excess pollution caused by these plants.

Establishing and Leading the Coalition for Public Health

The coalition was formed as a result of a common issue that distinguishes Haifa and the north areas – mortality and high morbidity from heart disease, stroke and cancer in the Haifa and northern districts. These diseases can be caused by environmental pollution, which is very high in that area.